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“A place where children love to learn, play, and grow.”

Now enrolling children 2 1/2 – 3 years old


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At All Angles Learning Center, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our students, where they can immerse themselves in activities designned to strengthen their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Ultimately, we aim to help our students build a srong foundation during this crucial developmental period, setting them up for a successful future.

All Angels Learning Center is a licensed and certified child care and early learning center that has been serving families living and working in the area of North Arlington in New Jersey local community for almost 16 years.





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Preppers Class

Children from 2 1/2 – 3 years

Pre-K 3 Class

Children from 3 – 4 years

Pre-K 4 Class

Children from 4 – 5 years

Parent Review

Sonia DeVega
Sonia DeVega
Love them ! Best around
Leslie Frank
Leslie Frank
My daughter LOVES this place, she asks everyday if she can go, I’m pretty sure she would live there if she could
a “egg” e
a “egg” e
Parents brought me here as a child around '07-'08. Was certainly a big contributor to trauma I still deal with today- I remember an older woman working there who I unfortunately can't recall the name of. In any case, she was horribly verbally abusive - frequently shouting at me for small things such as eating too slow, and in rare cases physically abusive. Obviously the rest of the staff were complicit, this behavior never changed until one day she stopped showing up (I believe it was health related but obviously they don't tell the kids that). Not a good atmosphere for a child, let alone one that has a terrible home life.
karla capurro
karla capurro
My kids have been here for about 4 months almost and they love it so much! the teachers are great and all very attentive. they never get out with a sad face. always happy ! i'm thankful i can work in peace and know my kids are in great hands! thanks to all the teachers there and the director 🙂
Rebeca Costa
Rebeca Costa
Lovely and respectable staff. My son loves going to school here!
Hello parents, I want to say that my experience at All Angels was excellent. When I left my son there, I had no worries about it. I fully trust the staff, and the place was extremely clean. My son's speech improved, he learned, and it was fun for him. I recommend All Angels for anyone looking for a daycare.
MY Gimadiev
MY Gimadiev
I'd like to take a moment to recommend this place. When I started to search for a daycare for my 2 1/5 daughter (4 yo now) who did not speak any English in the middle of the Corona time, I checked at least 5 other daycare in the area. this place was a perfect fit because: the priority is health and clean environment for the kids, disinfected classrooms and objects kids use on daily basis, spacious place and the most important - teachers who take a really good care of the kids and their education. My daughter learned English and even few words from her Spanish everyday class. We moved out from the area and my daughter loved her daycare so much, that I had to drive her 30mins one way and back every day. Wish I could continue taking her there and my younger one. We absolutely love Mrs. Ann, Ms. Maria, Ms. Yessy and Ms. Anaida. Eva sends lots of kisses and hugs.
Beata Femiak-Paczka
Beata Femiak-Paczka
The best daycare I ever put my two kids in, teachers are very educated and they put all effort to prepare your child for kindergarten, to be respectful and ready for their small beginning future in a big school, they will treat you like family, I love every one of them! Highly recommended!!!
Eva Radzislaw
Eva Radzislaw
I just want to thank all staff from All Angels Learning Center for taking such a wonderful care of my son Logan for 2 years! Logan got such a great start to go to Kindergarten, he can draw, write, count and spell some of the words. I am truly amazed by the early education he received at the All Angels! Not only educational preparation but also social skills as those are so important. Thank you so much and we will definitely miss you all. We became so close like a family! Mrs N! Thank you!

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“A place where children love to learn, play, and grow”,
in North Arlington, NJ

We are not only a day care.

We are a Learning Center with focus in development of the children.

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